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This morning, I have paper jam problem with this printer.  Usually just take the jammed paper out and it will print again.  This time is different.  After the jammed paper is cleared,  I un-plug  the printer and plug it back.  I tried to print a copy, and the control panel shown paper jam error.  I searched the internet to find a way to fix it.  The nets provide all kinds of mechanical check ups such as paper feel sensor, paper feed rubber roll etc., etc.  I checked all mentioned and failed.   My computer is an old windows XP and a new printer will not be compatible.  To buy a new computer will invole new softwares which I do not prefer, too cloudy.  I got to make the printer works, no other alternatives. It is not the paper jam error.  It is something else.  So, instead of focusing on the paper jam,  I checked the paper tray.  I moved the paper length to LTR.  Hey, it works, it prints well.  I am happy to share what i found with you, folks.


Canon Image Class MF3110 Paper Jam Error/Fix it yourself

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